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Click Here For Sneak Peek Of  Current Member Cities!Click Here For A Sneak Peek At  Current Member Zip Codes! Playing 42 Dominoes, And Visiting The Alamo Are Popular In San Antonio..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! San Jacinto Monument-42 Players Live in Lynchburg, TX Too!..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Houston Skyline-Largest City In Texas-Lot's Of 42 Players In Houston..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Click Here To Find Zip Codes Near Yours, Then Search For 42 Players Below Click Here For Live Play Locations! Click Her To View And Print The N42PA Oficial Rules For 42 Tournament Play! 42 Player Sites Online Click Here...Three Sites To Choose From Click Here To Learn More About How To Become A Good 42 Player A Must for All  New 42 Players, Click Here  For Printable (PDF) format of  written "Learn To Play 42"  tutorial! CLICK HERE TO VIEW 2012  42 PLAYERS CRUISE CLICK HERE FOR HISTORY OF THE 42 DOMINO GAME!Dallas Skyline...2nd Largest City in Texas..Home of The Dallas Cowboys...FOR MORE INFORMATION>>CLICK HERE!Click Here For The Official Sports Website Of Texas Tech University!Click Here For The Official Sports Website of Texas  Christian University!Click Here For UT Sports  Website!Click Here For The Official  Texas A&M  Sports Website!Click Here To Download Scoresheet!Houston Skyline-Largest City In Texas-Lot's Of 42 Players In Houston..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! We've Got Lot's Of 42 Players And Diamondback Rattlesnakes In Texas..This one's Just A baby :-)..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! This Mountain Lion Just Might Be Watching A Texas 42 Game Being Played Under That Old Shade Tree. Look At His Expression, I'll Bet Somebodey Just Reneged..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Click Here For Video Clips Of Tournament Play! Click Here To To Be Added To The 42 Players Directory Click Here And Print Custom Score  Sheet Designed By Billy Johnson...It's Free!! Click Here To Find 42 Players In Your Zip Code And All Players In Database! The Pride Of Texas...Domino Game, Texas42 And The Texas State Flower..(The Bluebonnet) ..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Texas Horntoads/State Reptile, Are Hospitable Little Critters, And 42 Players Are too ..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Armadillos And 42 Players, Plentiful In Texas..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Roadrunners And 42 Players Too Roadrunners And 42 Players Are A Lot Alike..You Can Find Them Everywhere In Texas...CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! River Walk In San Antonio..You Might Just Find A Group Of 42 Players Along The River Walk..4 People, A Set Of Dominos, And A Table Is All You Need ..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! State Capitol Of Texas, Larger Than The Nations Capitol...I'M Sure Lot's Of 42 Players Have Entered The Rotunda Of This Magnificant Building In Austin, Texas ..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Diamondback Rattlesnake
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